A Nikan's Patient is a Member of our Family

Manager:Doctor  AbolHassan Masaheb

Head Nurse:Hatamiyan

Direct Telephone Line:29121288-29121247

Location:Second Floor

Nicu of NikanHospital with its experienced staff&the latest medical equipments provides 24- health Services


Babies  suffering Raspiratory Distress Syndrome

Premature Infants

Multiple Birth

Infants with surgical problems such as Diaphragmatic Hernia Esophageal Alresia MMC  

Omphalacele Hirschsprungs Disease Necrotizing Enterocolitis Heart Disease Blood Infection Meconium

Aspiration Asphyxia Pneumothorax pneumonia  paroxysm Uti Metabolic Disease cleft Palete cleft lip

Infants with congenital malformations (chromosomal genetic)

Low Birth Weight

Visit hours are 24 hour for mothers& once aday for fathers

There is a resident doctor 24 haur a day in this section& a Pediatrician will be in the Delivery Room during the Child birth