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Head of Department: Dr. Mahdi Shiravi

Direct Telephone Line: 29121017-29121018

Physiotherapy & its place in the health system  

Physiotherapy as a clinical discipline means the treatment of the human body's diseases by physical factors such as electrical currents, hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercise & manual therapy. Physiotherapy is a non-drug treatment &due to its nature has been increased across the world. This therapy is used widely in many health problems including physiotherapy & counseling after heart surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, skin burn…. the therapy aims to increase body & physical performance & the physiotherapist is considered the therapist. By identifying especial groups of individuals tries to prevent diseases & screen disabilities.

Physiotherapy plays a crucial role in improving the quality of life, accelerating the return to daily activities, increasing efficiency & rapid recovery of performance after surgery.

We can reach these objectives by having physiotherapy before surgery, providing necessary training, reducing the time of hospitalization & recovery after surgery. In order to achieve these goals, we have to take advantage of trained physiotherapist who are proficient in diseases as well as modern methods & advanced equipment's. Unfortunately some physicians refuse to send patients that have undergone surgery newly to physiotherapists because of the fear of acute pressure of treatment & high risk of injury. While the treatment in acute, sub-acute, & chronic illnesses are not the same. First the dysfunction & patients need along with his capabilities are exactly & accurately examined & determined by physiotherapists & then the therapies are prescribed for the patient considering his illness, condition,& without the slightest risk. Accordingly, in the initial phases, are mainly physiotherapy protocols in order to reduce the pain & inflammation & exercise therapy will be completely conservative. By reducing early symptoms the treatment protocols are changed & a progressive therapy is taken into account.


Physiotherapy services:


Physiotherapy clinic has 5 VIP cabin. It is equipped with the most advanced electrotherapy & physical therapy devices & also proficient specialists provide services to patients in various medical fields sue has orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology, cardiology, pediatrics, obstetrics  & gynecology, respiratory tract, pelvic disorders, swallowing rehabilitation, & sport injuries.

The departments & equipment's include:

-          LASER (manufactured by Enraf  Netherlands)

-          Shockwave (manufactured by BTL England)

-          Electrical stimulation Devices, combination unit (manufactured by Enraf, ITO)

-          Magnetic field, therapy magnet (manufactured by Biomag)

-          Dry needling

-          Manual therapy

-          Exercise therapy

-          Obstetrics & Gynecology physiotherapy

-          Chest physical therapy

-          Specialized physiotherapy services at home

The services will be provided from 8 AM to 8 PM

In order to contact physiotherapy section & book appointment or get information you can call 29121018 from 8 AM to 8 PM every working day or you can book appointment in person.



Head of department: Amir Johari moghadam

Head Nurse: sara Yar Gholi

Direct Telephone Line: 29121069

Location: First Basement, next to imaging center

Audiology services:

Specialty areas: in general audiology has three major branches:

·         Diagnostic audiology

·         Audiology Rehabilitation

·         Protection & prevention audiology

Diagnostic Audiology

It is divided into adults & children classification & includes quantitative & qualitative assessments to determine the place of hearing loss & balancing it by behavioral, physiological, & electrophysiological tests. These tests include audiometric with pure tone (PTA), otoacoustic emissions (OAE), speech reading, & aural skills development.

Audiology Rehabilitation 

Audiology rehabilitation is divided into two parts, hearing rehabilitation & balance rehabilitation. Hearing rehabilitation includes assessment, administration, & adjustment of hearing rehabilitation includes assessment of candidates for cochlear implants, auditory skills training, communication skills training, & contributes to psychological-social adaptation of

Impaired people & their family Moreover, rehabilitation measures for people with tinnitus & Central auditory disorders are also in this category.

Balance rehabilitation is for helping those patients who suffer from dizziness & imbalance & it includes physical movements & special maneuvers that take advantage of the changing manner of the Central nervous System. There for the central nervous system compensates the equilibrium systems Lesion.

 It is noteworthy that objectives, methods, & tools used in each of the areas of rehabilitation for Children, adults, special groups such as individuals with several disabilities are different from each other, tests such as ABR, ASSR, prescribing hearing aid, electrocochleography

Prevention & Protection Audiology

This Type of audiology Concerns hearing loss & disability prevention. One of the significant Measures to achieve such goal is audiologist Screening that runs at different levels:

Children Screening

In maternity hospitals, kindergartens & schools

In industrial Centers & factories

In military & Police centers.

  Other measures of this Section include giving advice & performing Sound measurement projects in order to determine the amount of noise pollution & determining licit & illicit points as well as performing hearing plans & presenting strategies for controlling & reducing Sound