A Nikan's Patient is a Member of our Family

Head of Department: Doctor Mohammad Taraz

Direct Telephone Line: 29121029- 29121091- 29127090

Location: Ground Floor

This unit provides all Patients medications including rare drugs as Soon as Possible for all departments. Also, outpatients can provide their medicines from Hospitals pharmacy.

In addition, offering Skin & beauty advice, providing all cosmetic products,

Orthopedic products & Combination drugs & delivering drags to patients' house are other Services that this Section provides.

Cosmetic Services provided at Nikan Pharmacy:

Skin & Hair:

- Free beauty Consultation/advice

- Recommending necessary Supplements for treatment of hair & Skin Problems

- Hair & Skin Cosmetics

- provide Customers' needs based on scientific research & Knowledge

- Keep track of what is needed to be researched or consulted with an expert.


- providing hair & Skin prescriptions &| delivering to clinics house

- Providing Botox & fillers under physicians' supervision & instruction

- Introducing Skin Clinic services to customers Cosmetics, Beauty, & Health:

- Cosmetics, hair dyes based on customers taste

- Neonates, breast feeding, prenatal care goods (CD & Book)

- Worlds Famous perfumes, electric Shavers, grooming & Trimming goods.