A Nikan's Patient is a Member of our Family

Head of Department: Dr.Ali Reza Tavakoli
Supervisor: Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini Kooh Kamari
Direct Telephone Line: 29124077
Location: first Basemen
Nuclear Medicine Services
Myocardial perfusion with thallium & MIBI by SPECT, GATED, SPECT to evaluate myocardial is chemia & VIABILITY, Radionuclide   Ventriculography in two ways: First pass & Gated Blood
   Whole body bone scan
Kidney & urinary tract
    EC scan, DTPA
   DMSA scan
    Kidney scan with & without captopril
    Check urine reflex from the bladder to the ureter
    Scrotum scan
Digestive system
   Gastro intestinal bleeding scan
 Liver & spleen scan, subsidiary spleen scan
    HIDA scan
  RBC scans for diagnosis of hepatic hemangioma
    Meckel Diverticulum scan
 Gastric emptying Scan
  Gastro esophageal Reflex scan
   Salivary glands scan
   Thyroid scan with technetium
   MIBE  scan
   Para thyroid scan for adenoma detection
Respiratory system:
   Lung perfusion scan for embolism
  Quantitative lung scan
  DTV study
Vision Machine:
   Tear duct scan
   Eye scan for checking & secularization prosthesis
ECT Brain scans, with & without acetazolamide for ischemia, Brain scan with thallium, Cisternogram scan, cerebrospinal fluid shunt
    Whole body scan with octreotide (neuroendocrine tumors) 
   Whole body scan DMSA
 Whole body scan with 1-131 (thyroid tumors)
    Whole body scan MIBE
    Whole body scan with thallium
   Scan to determine vanguard node (sentinel)  & lymph duct scan
    Whole body scan with gallium
   Whole body scan with UBI for infection study
  Treatment of hyperthyroidism with radioactive iodine
  Treatment of bone pain resulted from metastasis
Radioisotope synovectomy