A Nikan's Patient is a Member of our Family

Head of Department: Doctor Reza Farjad
Supervisor: Engineer Abbas Sanei
  Direct Telephone Lin: 29121033- 29121034
Supervisor: 29121035
Location: First Basement
Imaging Centre Services
Nikan Hospital Imaging Centre has provided the most advanced equipments to assist physicians in diagnosing diseases. This centre with 24-hour
Our Comprehensive & accurate services in the field of medical imaging In radiology, CT scan, ultrasound &mammography seeks patients satisfaction
It is one of the safest types of imaging. It puts the patient in a magnetic field & makes picture by sending radio sounds. Our device is Iran's first full digital device & one of the world best devices with 1/5 Tesla power. It can provide MRI heavy patients
CT scan
The CT scan machine is spiral multi-slice 16 detector
It can provide high quality 3D images including CT angiography of all vessels in the body as well as virtual Bronchoscope, virtual colonoscopy, & HRTC in 1mm thin outliers
Heavy weight patients (up to 125 kg) can use this device
It is a diagnostic method to evaluate the diagnosis of oral & lateral diseases; they are all digital & provide the highest quality with the least amount of radiation
 Ultrasound is one of the diagnostic methods. Our GE can do the Following
 Ultrasound of the urinary tract
Ultrasonography of the abdomen & gastrointestinal tract
Ultrasonic surface elements
Breast ultrasound
Ultrasound diagnosis of thyroid
Specialized ultrasound of testicles
Ultrasound of the fetus & congenital malformations
Special features of Nikan's ultrasound devices include
 sonohysterography, interventional & therapeutic ultrasound procedures for biopsy, cystectomy & tumor ablation, laser therapy & insertion of the catheter body. Interpretative ultrasound (during surgery)Is 3D or 4D fetus ultrasound
It is a simple x-ray image of breast & a tool for early detection of breast cancer. In this center, digital mammography is done, the amount of radiation used in the shooting, is much is stored digitally & its resolution is high (quality, & resolution, & magnifying power) radiologist can zoom on the image & see the abnormalities that are not seen normally .our device is full digital & has option of enlargement with high quality
Also our device is one of the rare devices that can provide sterotaxy (sampling)
This device has less error comparing to analogue radiology
And this leads to reduction of radiation dose & number of repetition, & the image will have high quality. All radiographs are provided by full digital Siemens DDR
All services & image can be written on a CD & delivered to different parts of the world by PACS system