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Gastroenterology & Scopy

Head of Department: Dr.Shahrokh Iravani

Direct Telephone Line: 29127075- 29727076

Location: Ground Floor

This Section with its proficient doctors , experienced staff & the latest medical equipments Such as Endoscopy Olympus 180 Series (NBT) Provides 24-hour services.

Gastroenterology & Scopy Services

- esophagus, Stomach, & duodenum endoscopy

- Colon Colonoscopy

- Complete check-up of upper & lower gastrointestinal System

- Galstone removal, Sphincterotomy, & biliary Stenting without Surgery

- Inserting balloon into the stomach for weight loss

- Polypectomy

- Esophagus, Stomach, duodenum, & colon bleeding control

- Full Treatment of Stomach, duodenum, & Colon ulcers

- Peg Tube insertion

- Flatulence upper & lower gastrointestinal System

- Treatment of Fatty Liver

- Liver biopsy

- Treatment Of esophageal varices by band ligation without Surgery

- Treatment of hemorrhoids by band ligation without Surgery

- Narrowing of the Esophagus by balloon, dilation of the esophagus, achalasia Without Surgery

- Treatment of duodenal Stenosis by balloon, dilatation of the duodenum without Surgery

-Modern equipments of this Section along with Proficient physicians & all procedures that are done through conscious sedation are significant privileges of our department.

Dear Patients:

If you need to book an appointment or to get advice after visit & Scopy can Contact 29121015, from 8 AM to 5 PM. The written instruction of this part have Scientific & practical basis & prevent any possible errors & also execution of all processes Such as

Admission, Scopy, recovery, & decontamination of devices are based on instructions of the ministry of Health & would improve the quality of services provided in this center.

If you have any feedback you can Contact 09127085386 Mr. Gholamian