A Nikan's Patient is a Member of our Family

Head of Department: Dr.Hossein Ramandi
Head Nurse: Abbas Sammak Amin
Direct Telephone line:29727007- 29727004- 29727003- 29121002

Location: Ground Floor

Emergency Services 

Emergency department has 10 beds which are equipped with the latest medical engineering achievements. It includes Separate CPR, Isolated, ECG, & Emergency operating rooms. The unit with its experienced staff provides 24-hour Services. There are 24-hour pediatric resident physician, anesthesiologist & Cardiologist, & also there is an operating room for Surgeries with anesthesiaAll Primary & vital activities in CPR & procedures necessary for PCI, Traumatic injuries management, orthopedic Procedures by Specialized doctors (AILC lice), Nursing Services, training package for patients who are discharged are provided in this department