A Nikan's Patient is a Member of our Family

Head of Department: Doctor Haleh Matin Rokh

Direct Telephone Line: 29121193

Location: Adjoined Building

Quality Improvement & Accreditation Services:

- Compile a 3-year Strategic curriculum

- Review annual strategic curriculum

- Comprehensive plan for hospital accreditation system establishment

- Monitor the progress of the hospital accreditation System

- Compile & develop hospital indicators

- Monitor the Indicators based on the accreditation Standards

- Implement quality management System

- monitor Medical Committee regularly

- Monitor Standard Compilation & development process

- Control & monitor review process, Control documentation & prevent Publication of obsolete documents

- Supervise the procurement process of hospital forms based on accreditation measures approved by health Information            Management Committee

- Prepare Statistical manual of measured indexes monthly

- Conduct internal audits every three months