A Nikan's Patient is a Member of our Family

Public Relations & International Affairs

 Head of Department: Mona Rahmani

Direct Telephone Line: 29121514

Location: fourth floor

Public Relations & International Affairs Services:

-          Collect, summarize, & analyze the comments & views of people, elite & the media

-          Efforts to strengthen the spirit of mutual understanding between personal & managers

-          Plan & inform people about hospital performance & also continuous iteration with media

-          Supply appropriate measures & necessities to help clients access needed services

1-1-2- exhibition Affairs

-          Participation in national & international conferences

-          Facilitate the participation of treatment area masters in international conferences

-          Develop, compile, & implement comprehensive a advertising plan

1-2-3- press & Documentation

-          Compile & develop textbooks, pamphlets, & public or specialized educational materials   

-             Gather & publish & disseminate information, news, & reports related to policies, activities, program, with appropriate & effective methods

-          Compile & publish annual performance summary

-          Documentation all hospital events, festivals, procedures

1-2-4- opinion Surveys

-          Gather & provide periodic analytical reports ( monthly, seasonal, yearly) by inside or outside hospital opinion surveys

-          Review the reflections of hospital activities in people's opinions & points of view; especially elite, media, organization, managers, person & prepare a report for the manager

-          Opining surveys within the organization in order  to retrieve & provide appropriate solution to manager

-          Collect recommendations of staff & patients in order to encourage personnel to participate more effectively in improving the quality of services.

-          Respond to & guide the patients & visitors (answer, phone calls, answering machine, mailbox, website…)

1-2-5- provide national & international services

-              Provide welfare services for patients & visitors (tickets for international trips, souvenirs for international patients, book hotels & resorts)

-          Provide tickets for domestic trips & book hotel

-          Translate all treatment documents for patients

-          Coordinate appointment for patients at other medical center

-          Contact & provide international consultation through internet

        1-2-6- Research & Planning

-          Provide periodic performance reports from public relation activities

-          Innovation & creativity in designing new activities

-          Monitor & evaluate all activities & take the results into account for further activities

-          Design a plan to upgrade & increase personnel, managers & clients.