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 Nutrition & Diet

Head of Department: Fatemeh Esmaeeli

Direct Telephone Line: 29121527

Location: Adjoined Building

Nutrition & Diet Services:

Nutrition & Diet Therapy unit runs under runs under the direct supervision of a senior nutrition expert as the head of the unit, one Senior nutrition as successor, 2 head Stewards, & 22 attendants.

Clinical nutrition unit & diet therapy unit, hospital self-service & catering department are under direct Supervision of this unit.

Running actives & procedures at this unit, based on a separate Clinical or support unit, are as follows:

Clinical Nutrition unit:

-          Diet counseling for in-patients after doctor referral

-  At nutrition clinic, Anthropometric measurement & diets are provided for clients

- Nutrition & diet therapy Clinic provide advice in the following fields:

- Monitoring & evaluating all in-0patients & perform actions if necessary

- Set proper diet based on nutrition principles & standards according to metabolic needs of patients

- Training basics of nutrition in accordance with their diet

- Set food menu according to patients diet

- Set brochures, pamphlets, & booklets

- Holding meetings with Clinical Directors of hospital for further cooperation & Coordination of treatment team

- Holding classes about nutrition & diets for nursing unit & Nutrition unit Staff

Nutrition Support Unit:

 - offer diverse food menu for personnel considering high quality & food waste prevention

- Set Patients & personnel questionnaire to determine level of satisfaction for food quality & Service

- Review & provide reasonable solutions to improve Service & food quality

- Set appropriate Standards for Nutrition unit Contractor Selection

- Evaluate bids of contractors & provide a comprehensive report for the management

- Hold educational courses for personnel about how to cook & Serve food & also about personal & environmental regulations

- Direct Supervision of food served to the patients & its conformity with the patient's diet

- Direct Supervision with the patient's diet

-          - Direct Supervision of food Served to personnel & it's Conformity with Standards Record & register the statistics of the food served & its conformity with the delivered food from kitchen in order to control food quality & prevent food waste & reduce expenses

-          Direct supervision of food service for VIP & CIP patients

-          Daily surveys to check feedback

Working hours: every day from 7:30 am to 7 p.m.