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Environmental Health

Head of Department: Masoomeh Soltan Mohammadi Taleghani

Direct Telephone Line: 29121528

Location: Adjoined building

Environmental Health Services:

Environmental health includes all measures 14ut prevent the transfer of outside pathogens inside hospital & vice versa.

It is closely connected to in cadence of no so comical infection & it is the responsibility of hospital personnel to control it.

Environmental health is one of the hospital sections that aim

To provide a healthy & hygienic Situation & place for all clinical & medical Services in a way that leads to the best results for patients. In addition, this unit has to provide hygienic situation & condition in cooperation with other Sections & Solve or minimize all problems & risks related to disposal of hospital waste, wastewater & its effects on Society & environment.

Environmental Health unit Activities:

- Develop & publish guide lines, policies, & Procedures related to Environmental health

-  Hospital water quality Control

- Manage hospital disposal waste

- Monitor & intervene in preparation, supply, & application of hospital disinfectants & cleaners

- Supervision & Coordination in cooking & distributing food with the help of hospitals nutritionist

- Monitoring Separation of infectious clothing's form non-infectious ones

- Training Staff on environmental health topics & issues

- Monitor health & hygiene condition of all sections

- Infection Control through collaboration with infection Control Unit