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We can Provide Outpatient Services, Visits, & Checkups in this department.


Pain Clinic:
In this clinic we diagnose treat, & control acute, chronic, & Cancer Pains by advanced machines & equipments & also noninvasive methods Patients Who can use Pain clinic Services:
- back & neck pain
- Head & face pain
- Pain in muscles, joints, & tendons
- Cancer pain
- Post- Surgery pain
Radio frequency Neurolysis is available to control pain for those patients who suffer advanced arthritis.
All treatment & therapy Procedures are done by radiology & Ultrasound in well- equipped surgical rooms under Supervision & monitoring of pain Specialists.

Sleep Clinic (Sleep Disorders Centre):
If you feel ran down & exhausted after you Wake up means that you don’t have good Sleep. Poor sleep can affect your health. During sleep body releases hormones that provide sufficient energy for body for the next day. Poor sleep can Cause some sort of Problems that affect brain & its process, you may feed sleepy, your moods may change, and you may.
Decision making problems, your learning & acquisition becomes weak or even you may suffer amnesia. If you Snore & feel Sleepy steadily, you may suffer apnea. Approximately 20% of people suffer apnea but their disorder is not diagnosed. This disorder can affect men, women, & children at any age.
What is apnea? Sleep apnea occurs when the muscles in the back of the throat fail to keep the airway open, despite efforts to breathe.
The breathing pause may last at least 70 seconds. It may put pressure on heart & brain. Common Sump toms of apnea are:
Air passage blockage while sleeping, morning headaches, clogged heart arteries, hyper tension, Weight gain, night sweats, poor concentration, persistent fatigue, and depression, lock of energy, amnesia, and diabetes

Reasons for general check-ups:
In Medicine there are some diseases that their symptoms are not appeared till the last stages of illness. There for the patients Notice their illness when they have lost the sufficient time for treatment. However, in such diseases, early diagnosis & treatment of the illness is the key to Success in patient's recovery & the delay may result in lower Chance of recovery (like most cancers). There for one of the advantages of check up & early diagnosis is possibility for more effective treatment of the disease.
On the other hand, in many diseases, early diagnosis at early stages during check up & starting treatment prevents progression in disease so the efficiency & effectiveness of this prevention will be less costly than last stages & side effect of the advanced illness.
 Booking Appointment:
Booking appointment can be in person or by phone through operator from 8am to 7 pm on working days, & by, automatic telephone 24-hour a day during weekdays. (To book an appointment it is necessary to insert your identification card number)
Booking Appointment tel: +9829121070 –+98 29121060
Clinics emergency. cell: +989309968505