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Health Assessment
Human health has always been threatened by various diseases. Pathogens are one of the main causes of early death & weakness in humans. Unfortunately, despite the introduction of new methods of medical treatment & surgery, many diseases are asymptomatic in the early Stages or they have minor Symptoms & this prevents patients from visiting doctors for treatment at the appropriate time (Golden Time). Frequently, late visit of the doctor leads in financial & health loss of patients, & mostly these injuries are irreversible.
The increasing need to prevention rather that Treatment led to a debate in medical Science called check-up or health monitoring, in which apparently healthy individuals undergo a series of examinations, tests, imaging procedures, and so on, During these procedures those who are at risk or in the early stages of the disease are diagnosed & treated & are Prevented from complications
In this regard, Nikan Specialty & Subspecialty Hospital is ready to provide check up services for dear patients.

  Check-up Services include:

1: Specialty & subspecialty visits
The patient will be visited by check up doctor after registration &   filling up the form. During this visit, a complete medical history of individual Such as previous medical history, family medical history, habits & life style will be checked & then the check up procedure is determined. During the check up, other doctors including cardiologist, neurologist, orthopedist, Otolaryngologist, urology Specialists (for men), gynecologist (for women), & a gastroenterologist will check up & visit the patient & assess his health status

: 2Routine & Special tests of check up

Complete Blood Count

These tests include blood Sugar, blood Lipids including cholesterol, triglycerides LDL & HDL, Complete blood count (CBC), to check for anemia & disorders of White blood cells & platelets, & to measure blood electrolyte including  Sodium, potassium, calcium & phosphorus
 Liver function tests include bilirubin, liver enzymes, hepatitis tests, EET, & renal function including measurement of blood urea, keratin& HIV test

Urinary tract health Check for Stones in kidney, urinary tract infection, blood in urine
Stool analysis
Check for blood in the Stool, parasites, Cysts & white blood cells in the stool that indicate intestinal infection & check for helicobacter, Pylari antigens that Cause stomach problems
Cancer screening test
They include free PSA, PSA for early detection of prostate cancer, Pap smear (Pap test) & HPV Genotyping test for early diagnosis of cervical cancer, CEA, CA125, AFF test for early detection of cancers of different body organs.Heart & Lung Systems
The study involves ECG, echocardiography, exercise test, Spirometry (breathing) in which heart Status, heart value disorders, heart size, heart artery and the volume of the lungs are Checked. In this check up lung & heart diseases can be detected in the early stage

Imaging Procedures.

They Include Chest radiography, ultra sonography of the abdomen & pelvis, prostate ultrasound (in men), Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound, & Knee X-ray. These diagnostic procedures provide very useful information about/on the internal organs of the chest, abdomen, & pelvis, & brain. Mass diagnosis or anatomical abnormalities in organs make premedical treatment inevitable. In addition, Ct-scan & MRI should be taken if necessary

4.Audiology & Optometry

It May be assumed that visual & hearing impairment is easily recognizable by the patient, himself. While many disorders of these two Systems can only be detected by Special tests in the early Stages, & thereby many cases of blindness & deafness can be prevented

5. GI Evaluation

Includes upper gastrointestinal tract endoscopy (esophagus, stomach, & duodenum), & Colonoscopy (examination of large intestine).
In which benign & malignant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can be diagnosed in the early stages with high accuracy.

6. Data collection, analysis, interpretation

After the check-ups & visits, the results of consultations along with individual test results & imagines report are collected & analyzed by health monitoring doctor. The ultimate results are given to the patient in a check-up final report.
7. Referral to other Specialists
If during check-ups, any disruption in the body systems is diagnosed, and then further special testing & facilities are provided for the patient by clinic in order to determine a definitive diagnosis & Start the treatment under the supervision of the Specialist.
8. Creating & maintaining Medical Records & Booking Appointment All medical information including test & imaging results, Specialists visit results, … are maintained in patients file. After checkup the patient becomes a member of the clinic. The advantage of being a clinic member is that the doctor has access to all medical records & check up results & in the case of diseases with Specified or unclear symptoms, the patient can benefit from doctors reliable advice. 
Check up Levels at Nikan Hospital

 1. Comprehensive level
At this level following services are provided in minimum time:
- Visits by Specialists in different fields
- Fall laboratory Studies of blood, urine, &…
- Fall reviews of respiratory system
- Detailed heart examination, ECG, ECO, & exercise stress test
-  Full review of vision & healing by the most advanced equipments under specialists Supervision
- Digestive System check
- Genitourinary tract check, Mammography (women), prostate check (Men)
- Oral Health Check
- Sonography
- Nutrition Advice
Special Level:
This is the most perfect program of organs health monitoring & outpatient check up done by clinical & laboratory Specialists.
- Visits by medical specialists
- Full laboratory Stud
- Full reviews of respiratory system
- Detailed heart examination & coronary artery level
- Arteries color ultrasound & abdominal & pelvic Sonography
- Fall review of vision & hearing by the most advanced equipments under Specialists supervision
- Upper & lower gastrointestinal tract check (Gastroscopy & colonoscopy)
- Genitourinary tract check, bilateral breast ultrasound & mammography (women), & prostate check (men)
- Oral Health Check
- Nutrition Advice
- Psychological counseling Cervical
- Lumbosacral MRI & MRT Scan
- Cerebrovascular TCD

-  Knee Radiography
- Bones & joints Full review
Privileged Level:
This is the most perfect program of organs health monitoring along with Confinement done by clinical & laboratory Specialists
- An overnight stay in the hospital (one- night confinement)
- Full laboratory studies of blood, urine …
- Fall reviews of respiratory system
- Detailed heart examination & coronary artery level, & Pulse & blood Pressure fluctuations in 24- hours
- Arteries color ultra sound, & abdominal & pelvic sonography
- Full review of vision & hearing by the most advanced equipments under specialist Supervision
- Upper & lower gastrointestinal tract check (Gastroscopy & colonoscopy)
- Genitourinary tract check, bilateral breast ultrasound & mammography (women), & prostate check (Men)
- Nutrition advice
- Psychological counseling
- Lumbo sacral MRI & Cervical MRI scan
- Cerebrovascular TCD
- Knee Radiography
- Bones & joints full review

- Visits by medical Specialists
- Checking Sleep disorders at the Sleep clinic (more than one-day Confinement if needed).
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