A Nikan's Patient is a Member of our Family

Patient Rights

According Nikan Hospital's regulations policy, all patients deserve appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic services along with keeping humanistic values and dignity regardless of their race, nationality, religion, gender 

The patients have the right to have comprehensive medical services in the diagnosis and treatment of their disease in an appropriate time

Immediate medical service without a delay in the case of medical emergency is the patient's right

Knowing the name and the specialty of the physician is one of his rights

The patient has the right to be informed about his disease, its side effects, therapies, its benefits and consequences by the physician

There should be Arabic or English interpreter for the patient's. (Also other languages, if possible)

Patient's consent for admission, confinement, surgery, anesthesia, blood transfusions and its products, and any other kind of medical services is among his basic rights.

The patient and his family have the right to participate in planning and implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures along with treatment team to achieve better results

The patient should get post-discharge health and care advice

If possible and base on justified reasons the patient cam change or choose his treatment team

If it is not possible to continue treatment in this hospital, the hospital officials are required to move the patient to other centers and provide appropriate financial, administrative and health reports to the patient

The patient has the right to with draw from further treatment

Patient access to medical records and getting para-clinical report (laboratory and pathology services, imaging, nuclear medicine, physiotherapy, prescriptions) with a doctor's supervision and under hospital regulations is applicable.

All medical, diagnostic, and surgical procedures are patient's secrets and will only face legal action

Hospital costs are required to be detailed for each step of treatment for the patient and should be delivered to him at the time of discharging