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It is one if the safest type of imaging, puts the patient in a magnetic field, makes pictures by sending radio sounds. Nikan Hospital's MRI device has 1.5 Tesla power, it is Iran's first full digital MRI device and is among world's first rank devices. It has the ability to perform MRI for overweight patients

MRI with Ejection, MRI with anesthesia, MRU MRI, MRCP, MRI Arthogram, Mammography MRI, Cardiac MRI, Prostate MRI, full body MRI, Metastases MRI, Fetal MRI, Jaw MRI, The device can provide high quality specialty and subspecialty images of all body organs

MRI of brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system 

  All body organs Angiography-Brain, neck, aorta, kidney

Breast MRI for vascular lesions and pathologic check

Full body MRI for metastatic and tumor check 

Prostate MRI

Whole-body spectroscopy


Ligaments and Joints MRI

MRI of Abdomen and pelvis to check liver, Kidney