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:Coronary Angiography
It is a test that uses dye and special X-rays to show the insides of your Coronary arteries .During coronary angiography, Special dye is released into the blood stream. A procedure called cardiac catheterization is used to get the dye into the coronary arteries. A thin flexible tube called a catheter is put in to a blood vessel in your arm, groin (upper thigh),or neck. The dye makes the coronary arteries visible on x-ray pictures. This helps doctor see blockages in the arteries.If there is only angiography, the patient will be discharged for the procedures that are done from arm but procedures that are done from groin (upper thigh); the patient has to stay at hospital for one night. Angiography has little side effects and is the best way for diagnosing coronary artery disease
Artery Bypass Surgery

It is an open surgery in  which a blood vessel from your chest or arm is removed, one side of it is connected to Aorta and the other side is grafted to the back of the blockaged part. This type of surgery is used for those patients that have vast blockages in two or three main coronary arteries
    Open blocked coronary arteries before a heart attack

If the patient is in a critical emergency situation (when there is the risk of heart attack) has the amenities for angiography and the procedures, the best solution for opening the blocked coronary arteries is to do the procedure from arm vessels
In this procedure an angioplasty stent is inserted in to the blocked Vein to restore the normal blood flow before the heart muscle is damaged seriously