A Nikan's Patient is a Member of our Family

Patient admission at Nikan Hospital is done in three ways:

-Clinic Referral

-Emergency Department 

-Referrals from Doctors' offices

-Patient admission is done in person through diving admission order and valid identification card in a short while.

- If the patient doesn't have admission order, the confinement procedure can be done through telephone coordination with the physician and his confirm

-Hospital Admission can be done from 6:30 am to 7 pm at central admission located on the ground floor and outside these hours at emergency department admission.

Women surgical procedures such as cesarean, hysterectomy, and curettage necessarily need birth certificate, identification card and Spouse consent.

-Please inorder to get information about room and bed booking status before admission contact +982129121030-29121020

If possible, get the referral letter from insurance organizations 24 hours before admission

It should be noted that Iran Insurance referral letter can be issued through the company's website