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7Effective Tips To Deal With Anorexia In Infants

7Effective Tips To Deal With Anorexia In Infants


In recent years, the pressure to be a size zero and flaunt those toned abs is immense. Many of us turn to juice diets, starvation diets and all types of fad diets. We have unhealthy food habits in the hope of reaching that elusive size zero. As a result, anorexia emerges as one of the most common eating disorders.

But can anorexia affect infants as well? As incredible as it may sound it is true! How do you spot it? If your baby refuses to feed, could it mean that he has anorexia? Confused! Don’t be. Read our post on anorexia in infants and get the answers here.

What Is Infant Anorexia?

Infant anorexia is an eating disorder that occurs during the early stages after birth, up to a period of possibly three years. Your little one will refuse to take in food. If not treated, infant anorexia can influence your infant’s survival.

A study concludes that infant anorexia affects you more deeply than your infant. As he refuses to eat, you feel anxious and lose your will to eat

    Abnormalities of the mouth may also affect his ability to eat food, which could lead to infant anorexia.

    Certain labor and childbirth medications or narcotics may affect his ability to suckle and take in food.

    A tight frenulum (whitish tissue under the tongue) can also interrupt your infant’s ability to suckle and take in food.

    In the absence of proper nourishment, your baby may also develop certain health concerns, which will make you anxious.

    Furthermore, many-a-time, an impaired food intake can lead to underdeveloped organs, which your infant may carry for the rest of his life.

    Sometimes, your baby’s inability to feed may stem from certain physical pains that may occur, such as needle pricks, pains due to falls or even circumcision




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