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Nuclear medicine

Head of Department: Dr.Ali Reza Tavakoli

Supervisor: Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini Kooh Kamari

Direct Telephone Line: 29124077

Location: first Basement

Nuclear Medicine Services:


Myocardial perfusion with thallium & MIBI by SPECT, GATED, SPECT to evaluate myocardial is chemia & VIABILITY, Radionuclide   Ventriculography in two ways: First pass & Gated Blood


-          Whole body bone scan

Kidney & urinary tract:

-          EC scan, DTPA

-          DMSA scan

-          Kidney scan with & without captopril

-          Check urine reflex from the bladder to the ureter

-          Scrotum scan

Digestive system:

-          Gastro intestinal bleeding scan

-          Liver & spleen scan, subsidiary spleen scan

-          HIDA scan

-          RBC scans for diagnosis of hepatic hemangioma

-          Meckel Diverticulum scan

-          Gastric emptying Scan

-          Gastro esophageal Reflex scan

-          Salivary glands scan